Hexoskin ProShirt - Men's

Inspired by our most advanced users, the Hexoskin ProShirt delivers a host of new features with 20 upgrades & improvements compared to our standard Hexoskin Smart Clothing product line.

With an all-new design to withstand the most active lifestyle and diverse daily living activities, the Hexoskin ProShirt for Men comes with built-in textile ECG & Respiratory sensors and a precise Activity sensor.

The Hexoskin ProShirts are used by professional athletes for performance training, police & first responders for longitudinal stress monitoring, academic researchers & students, and patients in clinical trials living with chronic cardiac & respiratory conditions.

Key Improvements of the Hexoskin ProShirt for Men include:

  • Enhanced form factor for a more comfortable fit for active & sleep activities
  • New adjustable elastic belts incorporated into the Hexoskin ProShirt
  • New Dual-Pocket for the Hexoskin Smart recording device to adapt to a wide range of activities and sleeping positions
  • Designed to withstand tough conditions.

Hexoskin ProShirt Specifications:

  • Machine washable (piling and stretching resistant)
  • Lightweight & quick to dry
  • Fit optimized for regulation of moisture/heat
  • 99.9% antibacterial treatment (no odors)
  • Excellent UV Protection
  • 73% Polyamide Micro/27% Elastane.

For a precise fit, use our size chart to ensure your size is correct.

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