Hexoskin and VivoSense® Analysis Software

VivoSense® is a physiological data analysis software for health research and clinical studies. It allows you to do import and export of data, batch processing, and to produce ready-to-publish graphs of your results.

Contact our team to request access to VivoSense® or for any advices on how to best use VivoSense® in your organization.

  • We encourage you to request a free 14-days trial copy of VivoSense to our team, to explore test files or import Hexoskin data that you already have in CSV or EDF file formats.
  • VivoSense's HRV Module is recognized by the research community as the best, most flexible toolbox of its kind in the world. Users can choose different methods of HRV calculation and edit ECG artifacts.
  • VivoSense's Complex Respiratory Module is made exclusively for instruments, like Hexoskin, which support input of both thoracic and abdominal respiratory sensors. You'll need this module if you want to explore respiratory data in detail.
  • Other modules include Sync & Merge, Batch Processing, Activity, Stress, and Cough.


A Few Screenshots 

Controlled breathing monitoring. Displayed here : RR intervals with SD1 and SD2, along with Poincaré plot and PSD analysis 

Hexoskin raw data displayed in VivoSense®. From top to bottom: ECG, Abdominal respiration raw data, Thoracic respiration raw data

Breathing basic analysis : Konno-mead plot, Flow-Volume plot, and raw data display.

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