Hexoskin Measures Driving Excitement for Ferrari

March 26, 2015


Hexoskin was invited by Ferrari and Shell to measure driver excitement during previews to the Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix at Sepang Circuit on March 26, 2015 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The experiment was called "Shell V- Power: Science of Driving Excitement experiment to measure excitement while behind the wheel". Scuderia Ferrari driver Esteban Gutiérrez wore the Hexoskin biometric shirt to monitor the variances in heart rates, breathing and g-force to reveal excitement levels throughout his drive.

On the track, real-time results showed that in the five seconds before accelerating from the starting line, Gutiérrez’s heart rate increased by 5% from his resting heart rate - reflecting the anticipation of the performance driving. Throughout the experience Gutiérrez's breathing rate increased by an average of 20% compared to his resting levels. G-force experienced during the experiment was on average 6 times greater than that experienced during an average car journey.

Overall, the data showed us the excitement of the driving experiences translated to increased breathing and heart rate for all participants, peaking at the chequered flag finish.

In the past, Hexoskin has also teamed up with Porsche and Lexus for similar exciting events, check them out too!

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