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Mars colonists get remotely monitored by Hexoskin's biometric shirt

Jocelyn Dunn, an industrial engineering doctoral student at Purdue Univ., is a part of the HI-SEAS.org project to live on a landscape mimicking Mars for eight months. Along with five other researchers, she will be living in a domed habitat emulating what settlers might have on Mars.

The six colonists wear Hexoskin during their daily workouts, but also during EVA sorties, as seen in the video below, to collect physiological data including ECG and respiratory rate in unusual, stressful conditions.

So if like us you enjoy listening to Mozart while watching Crossfit on Mars, then this video is going to be a real treat for you!

Today is a special day, the halfway point of the 8 month long mission! Tomorrow they will be officially part of the longest analog simulation in North American history (120 days). So far so good, the crew get along well, all signals go! Safe travelling!

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Training to be an elite athlete is hard

So if you plan on becoming a superstar hockey player over the week-end, this video by elite hockey training camp Goyette 360 will show you how hard you have to train. But it's definitely worth it and camaraderie seems to help keep the spirits high. Share this with your kids!

Hexoskin teamed up with Goyette 360 to add extra efficiency to the training routines. Hexoskin allows coaches and trainers to optimize their athletes' training, pushing the limits back individually and avoiding overtraining, which could lead to fatigue and injury. How do you care for your athletes?

Sylvie Lloyd: RAST test with Hexoskin

Check out athlete Sylvie Lloyd's breathing volume during the test: it doubles after the first two sprints.
The Running-based Anaerobic Sprint Test (RAST) measures power and fatigue with six 35m sprints at maximum pace with 10 seconds allowed between each sprint. The Hexoskin smart shirt that Sylvie is wearing measures heart rate, breathing volume, and acceleration during the test.

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