ERT Opens Boston-based Innovation Lab to Advance Patient-Centric Research

February 05, 2016

Facilitates Expert Collaboration, Reduces Risk for Pharmaceutical Researchers

ERT, the leading cloud platform solutions provider delivering clinical and scientific innovation through its patient-centric data collection and intelligence solutions, today announced the grand opening of its state-of-the-art Innovation Lab. Located in ERT’s Boston facility, the permanent Lab will open on Tuesday, February 9.

ERT’s Innovation Lab is dedicated to creating new and efficient ways for pharmaceutical researchers to safely explore technological concepts with eClinical experts. Through collaboration with leading technology providers, pharmaceutical researchers, and ERT scientists, the Lab is developing and testing diverse technologies for use in clinical research, including new solutions for leveraging wearables, wireless medical devices and the Internet of Things within clinical trials.

“To date, clinical researchers have not had adequate resources to explore technological concepts around patient data collection; the greatest barrier being time,” said James Munz, Vice President of Innovation at ERT. “By leveraging the Innovation Lab to collaborate with technological experts and ERT scientists who are dedicated to high quality safety and efficacy data capture, clinical researchers gain a resourcing and time advantage. We are pleased to offer this unique, minimal risk environment where researchers can fully test new concepts before committing to them for broad use in clinical development.”

Following an irrefutable model based on lean development philosophies, the ERT Innovation Lab delivers results in weeks - not months, to support the rapid integration of new technological concepts into clinical development processes.

Attendees of the Grand Opening will see demonstrations and displays of how today's technological advances can benefit clinical research, including Hexoskin®, a health monitoring smart shirt used to improve athletic performance and monitor vital statistics. Once fully explored in the Innovation Lab, the Hexoskin smart shirt may prove beneficial for a wide range of clinical research uses, including sleep disorders, respiratory disease, and rehabilitative therapy.

“There is enormous potential for the use of wearables in clinical research, most remarkably when used to increase the quality and quantity of data you get from a trial,” said Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO of Hexoskin. “The Innovation Lab enables us to demonstrate this potential with ERT’s expert scientists, to remove the barriers that researchers often face, and ultimately to improve the clinical development process using digital health technologies.”

ERT will host the following events to celebrate the Innovation Lab’s grand opening on February 9:

  •     A Preview Innovation Tour and Luncheon for patient advocates to celebrate their collective successes in giving patients a greater voice in clinical research.
  •     A Grand Opening Reception for pharmaceutical researchers, technological experts, and media representatives featuring guided tours and hands-on demonstrations.
  •     The Innovation Lab Sweepstakes for pharmaceutical researchers to enter to win two weeks of innovation, valued at $20,000.00. No attendance is required.


For additional information on ERT’s Innovation Lab and for details regarding Grand Opening events, visit

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