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July 09, 2014

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ChipChick's review of CE Week

"CE Week may be over but the fashion will always live on. A one stop shop for NY’s geek-erati, but this year they got treated to a bit of high fashion as well. The runway show combined wearable fitness, one of a kind high tech fashion design, robotics, and program for young kids."

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July 09, 2014

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Hexoskin Biometric shirts featured on Time Warner Cable News


Hexoskin CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier was interviewed last week at CE Week in New York City by Time Warner Cable News:


"While many wearable fitness devices already tell users how much exercise and sleep they're getting, others are offering new, unique features in an effort to gain consumer loyalty."


Wearable fitness devices are not just jewelry. Hexoskin shirts promise to measure heart rate, heart variability, breathing, steps and sleep.

"It's all textile-based. It's smart fabrics embedded in the shirt so when you wear it, it feels comfortable, it feels natural," Pierre Fournier of Hexoskin said. "It's very thin. It's very light. It's made of Italian fabric."

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