Why Building your Fitness Profile is Important

May 15, 2015

Do you have any idea what your VO2max is? What about your Heart Rate Recovery?

These are valuable metrics for you, but also health professionals and researchers.  Patients pay big money for, during their annual checkup or at sports clinics.
With Hexoskin, you can update your Fitness Profile anytime, in only 30 minutes.

Wearing the Hexoskin Smart Shirt or the new Hexoskin ProShirt, will give you insights on your fitness that are easy to understand. This is important because your cognitive functions, sleep efficiency, weight management, and physical performance all depend on your fitness level. We also provide tips to better interprete your data easily on the Hexoskin mobile app and on the Hexoskin Dashboard. !

Hexoskin's integrated fitness tests will measure your:

  • VO2max,
  • Maximal heart rate,
  • Heart rate recovery,
  • Resting heart rate.

Please note that your age and gender are used to calculate these metrics so make sure that you update your Hexoskin profile in the mobile app or by logging into the web dashboard.

To take these tests, head to the mobile app and tap on the Start a Fitness Test tab on the app's home screen.

Each test result is stored, allowing you to see your progress at a glance. 
To start a Fitness test, simply follow these steps on the Hexoskin mobile app:

Vo2max is calculated by running as far as you can during 12 minutes. It is considered one of the best indicators of cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance capacity. It will increase as you get more and more fit. The app will tell you automatically where you stand per your age and gender.

Maximal heart rate is the highest heart rate a person can achieve during a maximal exercise. The value depends mainly on age, genetics, exercise type, and medication. This metric normally decreases with age and it is unrelated to exercise training. But it is useful to determine which heart rate zones you should train in.

Heart rate recovery is the decrease of heart rate in one minute following a peak intensity exercise. A heart rate that does not drop by more than 12bpm one minute after ending the exercise is associated to an increased risk of health issues. A high HRR is associated with good cardiovascular function. Regular aerobic training can help you increase your HRR.

Resting heart rate is the lowest heart rate value that is measured while awake, lying down, fully relaxed and undistracted. At rest, the average heart rate for women is 72-80 bpm and for men 64-72 bpm. HRrest can vary depending on fitness level, age, heart’s size and strength of contraction. The lower the better!

We recommend that you take these tests at least a few times a month. In time, and if you keep on training, you should see your VO2max and Heart rate recovery increase, while your Resting heart rate should decrease. When all metrics are green, you'll know that you're in great shape! When numbers go the opposite direction, you should reflect on what you can change to keep your fitness level optimal. Start building your Fitness Profile now!

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