IoT World Forum: Davra partners with Hexoskin and Cisco for Dubai Police Force project

December 07, 2015


Wearable fans attending the Internet of Things (IoT) World Forum in Dubai, be sure to check out a live demo using Hexoskin as part of a health monitoring solution for the Dubai Police force, in the showcase until December 8th

On Sunday December 6th, Cisco announced a partnership with Hexoskin, Davra Networks, and TCS to deliver a real-time police operations monitoring solution for the Dubai Police Force. During the keynote presentation, Intel SVP Doug Davis outlined the real-life applications that this technology has on public law enforcement agencies to ensure their continued safety, as well as how it transfers to other fields. 

Outfitted with a phone streaming live video over 3G and a wearing a Hexoskin shirt capturing his biometric data, he allowed the audience to observe firsthand how the technology provided by Cisco, with the help of partners like Hexoskin, can provide valuable data in order to monitor a first responder’s heart rate, breathing, and so on. This will help foresee issues before they arise, and build more efficient, safer, and healthy law enforcement and security forces.

"The goal of this project is to show how we can keep our people safer by staying connected. This partnership with Cisco demonstrates a technology for police and security forces that we'll see in our cities very soon." said Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Hexoskin's CEO.

This partnership with Cisco, a major player in the Internet of Things, shows Hexoskin’s potential as a platform for recording, transmission, and processing of health data.  

How do you see wearable tech further impacting police and security forces? Let us know in the comments.