AI and the Future of Health

February 13, 2018

Hexoskin was founded in 2006 to solve healthcare challenges related to population aging. Since then, our team has contributed to science & society by creating analysis and prediction algorithms, and our platform has been used to generate high-resolution data for clinical research, space medicine, and elite athletes.

Hexoskin's vision, from its inception, was to create Artificial Intelligence models (AI) and make health data more accessible and useful. Better data and intelligence facilitate prevention, prediction, and management of chronic conditions to reduce hospitalization rates and provide better patient outcomes for a given budget. It helps patients and providers better communicate.

However, healthcare AI needs relevant and accurate data to learn from. This means you need a digital infrastructure that measures health where and when it matters, and makes data accessible for analysis. This is why we've designed the Hexoskin Smart Garment platform: to collect user's cardiac, respiratory, and physical activity information. We've built convenient tools to get good data from active and chronic patients. We believe good design makes it easier for users to provide the data AI needs to be effective.

Artificial intelligence combined with the data collected by Hexoskin Smart Garments make it possible to predict a variety of conditions and anticipate them with more efficiency.


Speakers from Hexoskin, Rice University and Texas Children's Hospital will be in Houston February 21st, 2018 to talk about AI, Machine Learning and Healthcare. 


Some Artificial Intelligence papers published with Hexoskin data:

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Aerobic System Analysis Based on Oxygen Uptake and Hip Acceleration During Random Over-Ground Walking Activities
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ADA - Automatic Detection of Alcohol Usage for Mobile Ambulatory Assessment
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Predicting Cognitive States from Wearable Recordings of Autonomic Function
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About Hexoskin
Hexoskin is a biometric smart garment, designed and made in Canada, that allows precise long-term monitoring of activity, cardiac and respiratory function as well as sleep quality. Hexoskin’s non-invasive solution is made of high-performance Italian fabric that is lightweight, quick dry, breathable and antibacterial. Hexoskin garment is made for real-life daily activities and is comfortable under regular clothes. The Hexoskin biometric garments are the only clinically validated solution for long-term remote monitoring of cardiorespiratory functions and activity.