With the rising incidence of chronic respiratory diseases, such as asthma, cystic fibrosis (CF), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), health clinicians and research investigators are increasingly looking for solutions to continuously monitor patients living with chronic and rare respiratory diseases. 

Current solutions for monitoring the patients' conditions are not acceptable. Patients must often undergo a battery of tests at the hospital or research site, allowing physicians and researchers to rely only on snapshots in time to evaluate patients’ overall respiratory health status. The equipment available for monitoring patients remotely is bulky and must be set up by specialized personnel.

Validated in over 65 independent scientific publications since 2013, the Hexoskin Smart Garments allow the continuous and non-invasive remote monitoring of the patients’ cardiac and respiratory function, activity, and sleep.  The Hexoskin Smart Garments are washable and designed to be comfortably worn underneath clothes.

Hexoskin can reduce the number of medical visits and/or prevent costly complications and hospital stays. Our end-to-end Connected Health Platform provides the communication and reporting tools to connect patients with clinicians and researchers. With Hexoskin, patients can pursue their normal activities or enroll in a rehabilitation program while being connected and closely monitored by clinicians and researchers.

If you're a Pharma, a Medical company or a Healthcare provider interested in patient remote monitoring with digital markers, sensors, and AI, visit us at Booth #1408 in the Exhibit Hall to see a live demo or book us a meeting to discuss how Hexoskin could support you. Don't hesitate to contact us through our website www.hexoskin.com or the ATS2019 website, section "partnering". 

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