Hexoskin - AI Applications Summit Biopharma Boston

October 22, 2018

Our team will attend the AI Applications Summit Biopharma in Boston this week (October 25-26).

Hexoskin was founded in 2006 to develop sensors and information systems to support Artificial Intelligence applications for clinical research and healthcare. Over the years, we've worked with many organisations to develop systems to make a better use of clinical data, and we've learned a few things from it:

  • Great AI needs great data: data collection is the foundation of all AI work.
  • 90% of AI work is in processing and annotating data. AI modeling is the "easy" part.
  • Define valuable endpoints first, then define how to collect the relevant data to build your models.
  • When using connected devices and mobile devices for data collection, design a patient-centric pilot trial first to validate human factor assumptions.

There's a lot more to know to operationalize AI projects in clinical trials of course. Even when working with a technological partner, you'll need to have people in your team with the skills to manage the digital component of the project. Please reach out to us if you need advice on best practices and operations.

In short, there's a lot of opportunity for AI in clinical trials, from patient recrutement to data modeling, including virtual trials and phase IV trials. We're looking forward to share insights with you in Boston this week!


Since 2006, Hexoskin’s mission is to develop sensors and health data infrastructure to generate clinical grade real-world evidence. For more information, write us at contact@hexoskin.com, and visit www.hexoskin.com and @Hexoskin on Twitter.