Hexoskin to Support Medical Research and Covid-19 Response

February 07, 2023

Hexoskin has been working with governements and health systems in the US and Canada to define actions to support healthcare services during the COVID-19 response.

We are currently putting in place patient monitoring programs in hospitals and at home for COVID-19 patients. These projects are important to support telehealth services, but also to gather data for medical research and manage the public response to the virus. We are now working on onboarding our first COVID-19 patients.

The data collected will also be used to develop AI/machine learning software to better assess the risk of COVID-19 patients recovering at home. Hexoskin biometric shirts can continuously measure respiration effort in addition to cardiac activity, which provides unique data to understand the evolution of the disease and its effects on lung function.

We are also working with health systems on rapidly setting up programs to ensure the continuity of care for patients currently enrolled in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs with online tools.

We understand that hospitals are currently focused 100% on hospitalized patients, that's why Hexoskin is setting up telehealth teams of its own and offering these resources to support these programs and complement health systems' resources.

If you are looking for help for telehealth programs or COVID-19 home monitoring programs please contact us today: contact@hexoskin.com / 1-888-887-2044