White Paper: Stress Monitoring with Hexoskin

September 23, 2020

Chronic stress induces harmful and insidious repercussions on the general state of health of individuals. The effects of stressors are not always immediate and can persist over time, particularly if the stressor is consistently present. As the tolerance level of individuals varies according to type, intensity, and length of the stressor, monitoring the impact of chronic stress on human physiology must be performed in a similar fashion. Ambulatory devices fulfill such requirements, as they are geared towards collecting real-world evidence to identify biometric variations and support the development and implementation of preventative approaches. However, few current portable technologies allow for multiple physiological data points to be measured simultaneously, continuously, all while being contextualized. 

Assessment of Stress and Overall Health Status
with Hexoskin 

To learn more about Hexoskin’s digital health solutions for Stress monitoring, we invite you to request our latest White Paper titled: 

Predicting and Preventing Operational Stress Injuries Using the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform.

In this White Paper, we explore: 

  • The urgent need for stress monitoring in First Responders, Law Enforcement and Healthcare populations
  • The potential Cardiac, Respiratory and Sleep markers supporting our stress monitoring efforts
  • The implementation of precision medicine to fulfill internal guidelines of personalized prevention/intervention programs

Conversation on Stress Monitoring with Hexoskin

During these challenging times, the health of healthcare workers is now in the spotlight. Healthcare staff are experiencing stressful events which could lead to operational stress injury (OSI). If not assessed and addressed early, OSI can lead to post-traumatic stress injuries. 

Our guest speaker, Dr. Nicholas Slamon (former director of the Nemours Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children) has kindly shared his experience and work with Hexoskin during our Webinar on Stress Monitoring with Hexoskin. Dr. Slamon and colleagues assessed the feasibility of using Hexoskin to monitor physiological data of pediatric critical care physicians during real-life contexts and stressful medical situations. Ultimately, Dr. Slamon aimed to characterize critical care stressors that might over time impact the physicians’ performance and general health.

Stress Monitoring with Hexoskin, Webinar. Request the Webinar's recording

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