Hexoskin presents a new clinical validation paper at the APSS Sleep 2017 Meeting in Boston

June 04, 2017

‘’Sleep Well, Live Better’’ –Hexoskin. Although sleeping represents a third of our lives, it's still mysterious for most people. Dr. Roger Godbout, professor and researcher at the Sleep Laboratory & Clinic at Hospital Rivières-des-Prairies (Montreal), will be presenting the new validation study ''Development and validation of an algorithm for the study of sleep using a smart shirt'' (Joelle P.M. et al., 2017) today at SLEEP 2017 at Hynes Convention Center in Boston. This clinical validation will allow Hexoskin clients to easily detect sleep stages with a good correlation with polysomnography (PSG), the clinical gold standard.



If you are in Boston, come and meet us to discuss our latest sleep research! It’s a great occasion to exchange on other topics related to sleep monitoring. Thanks to the Association Professional Sleep Society LLC (APSS) for this initiative!

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