Presenting An AI Approach to Maximize Pipeline Value at DPharm

August 30, 2017

This year again, Hexoskin is attending the DPharm Conference, taking place in Boston September 6-8.

On September 7th, Hexoskin's CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, will talk about opportunities for Pharma companies to uncover new insights from the data they have collected from trials, and how to take advantage of AI/machine learning advances to maximize pipeline value.

Hexoskin has been developing machine learning and data mining algorithms since 2006. With its wearable health sensors, it has accumulated terabytes of health data from thousands of users. The company has a long experience in dealing with large datasets, and is working with healthcare and pharmaceutical organizations to unlock value from clinical trials data, health research, and more.

About Hexoskin Biometric Shirts
Hexoskin biometric shirts are designed to reduce the frequency of patient travel and allow remote communications by monitoring patient at home, what facilitates the recruiting and retention of patients. Additionally, it reduces costs and visits at the clinic, improves patient experience, and allows faster communications between patient and investigation team. It offers the only clinically validated system that allows cardiac monitoring with lung function and activity monitoring.

About The Conference Forum
‘’The Conference Forum presents strategic level conferences, both public and private, as well as developing focus groups and advisory boards for professionals in the life science and healthcare industries. They currently offer conferences for pharma/biotech professionals including R&D leaders, CEOs, business development/licensing, medical affairs/safety, chief patient officers/advocates, clinical innovation champions, investors and drug delivery specialists.’’