Remote Monitoring Solutions for Clinical Research During the COVID-19 Pandemic & Beyond

October 30, 2020

With another wave of COVID-19 patients hitting North America and Europe, conducting clinical research is challenging. Patient recruitment and access to facilities are limited in many research institutions to limit risks to participants and researchers.

Thankfully, we can now conduct a lot of research remotely while ensuring the collection of high-quality data and preserving the integrity of clinical assessments. 

Virtual and Home-Based Clinical Trials With the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform

Sponsors and CROs are looking for solutions to help them manage halted clinical trials or start new trials while ensuring that key considerations are met. Connected devices like the Hexoskin shirts are available to support the collection of objective sensor data for virtual and home-based studies. Smartphones can also provide instructions, interactive sessions, and facilitate clinical outcome assessments with limited supervision. Recruitment can be done online with the equipment required for the study shipped overnight to participants.

The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is an end-to-end open platform that supports virtual clinical trials which can be completed partially or entirely remotely. The Hexoskin team can help you and your team design protocols and patient-centered studies. Home-based trials give patients better options to join clinical trials while limiting the burden associated with transportation and site visits. Online reach helps you recruit a more diverse participant base and overcome recruiting challenges.

Since the launch of Hexoskin in 2013, hundreds of researchers have used the Hexoskin platform successfully for their research using Hexoskin and Astroskin systems. They appreciate the transparency and traceability the platform offers. Hexoskin also provides service-level support and a wide range of study-management tools designed to support remote patient monitoring protocols.

Hexoskin Remote Monitoring Solution for Home-Based Clinical Trials - Virtual Trials.png

More than ever, patients are counting on the work of the clinical research industry to push the boundaries of medical knowledge.

Let's work together to support trial continuity and patient engagement! Contact us at to discuss your objectives and explore how Hexoskin can help you scale your remote studies.