March 24, 2022

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Bertrand Nepveu joins Hexoskin as investor and advisor!

Bertrand Nepveau - Triptyq Capital - Investor Hexoskin

We're very excited to have Bertrand Nepveu join Hexoskin as a new investor and advisor!

Bertrand is a well-known Montreal tech veteran. He was founder and CEO at virtual and augmented reality startup Vrvana until he sold it to Apple in 2017. Bertrand is also GP at Triptyq Capital and is involved with many other startups and venture funds in the US and Canada.

Hexoskin solves the problem of monitoring vital signs accurately over the long term, to keep patients at home and healthy.

Hexoskin's biometric garments and connected health platform offer an end to end solution, from physiological data collection to data analytics and EHR integration. Hexoskin is the only clinically validated system that offers a non-invasive solution to continuously monitor the cardio-respiratory function of patients.

Hexoskin's current products serve the clinical research, defense, and aerospace markets. Its customers, including NASA, DOD, Yale Health, Boston Children's, and hundreds of researchers and hospitals, have published over 150 scientific papers with Hexoskin data. Hexoskin smart shirts are used in pharmaceutical clinical trials, and its technology has been part of the International Space Station since 2018

Hexoskin has been selected by Mayo Clinic in 2019 for their MedTech accelerator program, and is currently implementing remote patient monitoring in cardiology and pulmonology with health systems in the US and Canada. Hexoskin expects to get FDA clearance for its remote patient monitoring solution in 2022.

Hexoskin Presenting at the Emerging Medtech Summit

Hexoskin - LSI - Emerging Medtech Summit 2022 - Pierre-Alexandre Fournier - CEO

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO of Hexoskin was selected as an Innovation Leader for the #LSIUSA22 Emerging Medtech Summit. Hexoskin's CEO will present at the event on March 15-18, 2022, and announce exciting new products and partnerships aimed to help patients have better access to healthcare.

Pierre-Alexandre has been involved in health sensor development and artificial intelligence projects for over 15 years and advises many public and private organizations on these topics in the US, Canada and Europe. Pierre-Alexandre is also an advocate for transparency in healthcare, patient empowerment, and healthcare innovation through design.

Hexoskin Smart Garments utilize embedded textile sensors to continuously monitor vital signs. Hexoskin smart clothing is capable of monitoring cardiac, pulmonary, activity, and sleep digital biomarkers.

The Emerging Medtech Summit will feature 150 vetted presenting companies, panel sessions, 1:1 meetings, and networking opportunities.