Last Year, Erica Wiebe donated her Hexoskin to Museum after winning gold at the Olympics


Erica Wiebe won gold in 75kg Freestyle wrestling in Rio de Janeiro at the 2016 Summer Olympics, and she donates her Hexoskin to the Canada Museum of Sciences and Technology (Ottawa). We are proud to have been part of her physical preparation!

Picture by: Ashley Fraser (Post Media)

Video and article here

She also said in an interview that she will wear her Hexoskin in the next Olympic Games: ''and as I prepare for Tokyo 2020 I'm going to be using it too.''


Hexoskin supports Canadian olympic athletes

Hexoskin has launched a Facebook photo contest to support Canada's olympic athletes currently competing in Sochi.
People from all over Canada are sending pictures of them having fun in the snow in order to encourage their favorite athlete. The goal is to share their picture as much as possible with their friends and family so that our athletes feel the warmth from over there. At the end of the games we'll select our favorite picture and award a Hexoskin kit to the athlete supported by the author on his/her behalf!
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