Now 200+ Scientific Publications with Hexoskin!

200 Scientific Publications with the Hexoskin Smart Garments

Research organizations publish more than ever with Hexoskin data! Hexoskin Scientific Community has surpassed a significant milestone by publishing over 200 scientific publications.

Hexoskin is the most popular smart clothing platform for health monitoring in the world, and its users have published more papers with Hexoskin and Astroskin devices than with all the competition combined.

The long list of papers covers cardiovascular health, respiratory monitoring, stress, sleep, space medicine, and many more subjects.

We've always believed transparency and collaboration are fundamental values necessary to the progress of science. This is why from the beginning we provided to our users tools to conduct investigations, collect data from research participants, and an open API to access every data point collected and automate data processing tasks. From these tools has emerged a dynamic research community pushing our understanding of human physiology.

Since 2012, Hexoskin has supported thousands of clients with end-to-end and flexible solutions to fit all their needs and bring new capabilities for leading research and projects. Hexoskin now reaches more than 50 countries and is used by top universities, research institutes, hospitals, government, defense, police, and first responders organizations in addition to companies in many industries.

Our Hexoskin + Research program aims to support student and academic researchers every step of the way. Hexoskin also supports professionals and innovative companies with our program Hexoskin + Professionals.

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October 21, 2019

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Hexoskin takes part in the AAIH reflection about Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH) just published a white paper titled "A Primer on AI in Healthcare".

The Primer on AI in Healthcare attempts to cover many uses for AI in healthcare in a way that is accessible, but also as precise and concrete as possible. We hope this document will serve as a reference for future discussions and publications for all stakeholders in healthcare and AI, including patients and providers.

A Primer on Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - A technical introduction
The 45-page document describes AI approaches and applications in healthcare and biopharma research, and helps introduce standard definitions for the industry.

The Hexoskin Team is proud to have taken part in this reflection that will drive the future of AI development for Connected Health in healthcare.

"It was important for me to contribute to this essential white paper. There was a need to clarify terms and concepts in AI with an emphasis on applications in healthcare, biomedical discovery, clinical development, and home care". Pierre-Alexandre-Fournier - CEO at Hexoskin.


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Founded in 2006 in Montreal, Hexoskin (Carré Technologies Inc.) is involved in the development of non-invasive sensors, software & applications, data science & AI services. Hexoskin’s mission is to record and organize personal health information and make it accessible and useful.