Astroskin Shirts - Women's

The Astroskin Vital Signs Monitoring System is a non-invasive monitoring system consisting of a machine-washable smart shirt designed for continuous and longitudinal health monitoring. The Astroskin garments are available in several sizes for men and women (from 2XS up to 4XL) and are composed of embedded health sensors such as textile 3-Lead ECG sensors, two Respiratory Inductance Plethysmography (RIP) sensors, and a neoprene encapsulated thermistor which collects skin temperature. The textile is made from a fabric made of 73% Polyamide Micro/27% Elastane. The fabric has technical properties with UV protection and is made to quickly dry and regulate moisture & heat. The textile has an antibacterial treatment that prevents 99.9% of the formation of bacteria to prevent odors.

The Astroskin Shirt is compatible with any Astroskin Device.

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