Hexoskin smart shirt on the Rock Star Anthropologist

July 09, 2014


"So, for this first post, we’ll be talking about the wonderful world of wired and wireless wizardry known as CE Week!  It’s an annual convention held in Manhattan that sheds light on new and emerging tech for you, your home, and this year, even your pets!  For this guided tour of techno-treasures, I’ve decided to break it down by category to make it a bit easier.  So without further ado, let’s get started!


With this being the fastest expanding market in tech right now, there were quite a few products on display.  Here’s my personal suggestions on what to keep an eye out for.



How we measure - HeartThis is one of the most novel approaches to wearable tech I’ve seen in quite awhile. Instead of being a watch, band, or other accessory, Hexoskin is clothing itself!

Shirts with built-in sensors measure your heart rate, breathing rate, calories, step count, and more via connection to a small monitor discreetly tucked away into a built-in pocket.  The monitor then sends the information via bluetooth to your phone, displaying all the data in an accompanying app.

Available now, with the shirts going for $175, and the full starter kits at $399.

For those who are trying to keep fitness stealthy, or simply aren’t into wrist accessories, this is one to watch! Go see this wonder wear at Hexoskin.com, on FB at Facebook.com/Hexoskin, or on Twitter @Hexoskin"

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