Hexoskin review on Breaking Muscle

July 31, 2014

Chris Costa, strength and conditioning coach and owner of Assist Performance talks about Hexoskin


"When it comes to tracking health statistics, the Hexoskin seems to offer more bang for your buck than many competitors. With excellent wearability and feature-rich platforms available for both iOS and Android, Hexoskin may set the bar for personal-use telemetry."


"Overall, the unit is great for recreational athletes, casual runners, extreme athletes, or professional athletes looking for personal telemetry. The shirt is comfortable and sweat-wicking, and since it’s made of polyester, it doesn’t make you overheat.

This product sits at a fair price point, as well. Many similar units on the market are unable to track as much data as the Hexoskin. Accuracy does not appear to be a problem, with a few minor exceptions. Therefore, it’s my conclusion that the Hexoskin is hard to beat without spending an additional $800."


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