I Am Not An Olympian - Lessons from Testing Wearable Smart Shirt Technology - Esquire

December 01, 2014

What testing a smart shirt for a month taught us about how the future of wearable tech can impact our day-to-day productivity.

"The sense of the Hexoskin as a "presence" heightened when I inevitably stopped to walk for a while and noticed the previously steady lines of measure decreasing on my iPhone. I felt a strange compulsion to bring them back to the level they had been at while I was jogging. Normally, I would have rationalized wandering aimlessly through the park until I found my way back home, satisfied by the mere effort I made to run, but with the Hexoskin activated, my lack of activity was quantified in a number of colorful charts displayed right before my eyes. In a weird and, honestly, unexpected, way, I felt like I was letting something outside myself down by resting. No one else would see this data but myself, but it was still there and the device was still running, monitoring and storing proof of my laziness away in some abstract, technological ether. This was oddly motivating.

And so I started running again. My vitals returned to their previous level. The Hexoskin was humming along happily. I later had to stop once more, but again I started back up and would end up finishing the lap without my usual detour—a first."

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