Wearable Tech panel at CE Week

June 26, 2014


"Wearable tech is more than the random face on the street promoting a pair of Google Glasses. From fashionistas to digital health divas, a new rash of wearable tech -- even for the family pet -- is coming that will transform how you keep connected and how your fashions change and adapt to your environment and moods. This panel focuses on the latest offerings from the next big, billion dollar tech industry.

Moderator: Lauren Indvik, Editor in Chief, Fashionista.com, @laurenI


Yuli Ziv, Founder & CEO, Style Coalition, @YuliZ

Ben Arnold, Executive Director and Industry Analyst, The NPD Group, @techbarnold

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Co-founder and CEO, Hexoskin, @pafournier

Judy Tomlinson, CEO, FashionTEQ"