Hexoskin will be demonstrating at BeFast / Wearable Tech Expo in NYC

July 14, 2014

Join us on July 22nd in NYC at FAST (Fitness and Sports Wearable Technology Conference) collocated with the Wearable Tech Expo.

Our CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier will speak about our biometric shirts.

"Fitness & Sports Technology (FAST) Expo - Your Key to Powerful Industry Players The fitness and sports industry is becoming much more advanced, as the availability of wearable technologies, mobile platforms, sensors, real-time biometrics and performance data increase. Consumers, professional athletes and athletic organizations alike have the ability to directly impact fitness and performance in ways that will change the industry in profound ways. FAST Expo is the where analysts, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and established corporations will to come to together to discuss the future of the industry and invest in it."