Hexoskin now gives you more insights about your sleep

January 27, 2016


Because we recognize that sleep is a vital part of our lives, Hexoskin has made how we calculate your sleep metrics even more accurate. These improvements will allow you to have better insights on your slumber sessions.

Automatic detection is the key factor at play with our new Hexoskin sleep enhancements. The new server processing now automatically takes the device’s position into account when calculating your metrics. When you’re standing, the Hexoskin device instantly recognizes that you’re awake, preparing to go to sleep, or getting out of bed during the night. This improvement means that your time in bed is automatically calculated and your time to fall asleep is more accurately estimated. Ultimately, these new enhancements lead to more accurate sleep quality measurements.

Researchers and those who are committed to their quantified self-tracking journey will also appreciate that the sleep efficiency metric now respects the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) definition, which represents the proportion of time asleep over the time in bed. The previous sleep efficiency metric still exists, but it has now more appropriately been renamed sleep percent. This metric represents the proportion of time asleep over the sleep period (defined as the time elapsed between falling asleep and waking up.) This new processing is applied to all of the sleep activities currently present on the server.

What are you waiting for? Use Hexoskin to track your sleep tonight. Remember: to ensure a proper analysis, you will need to place the device in the shirt's pocket in the suggested default position, with the wire pointing upwards and the LEDs facing outwards.