Medical Design Technology Mag covers Hexoskin

November 09, 2017

Go take a look at the Wearables section of the Medical Design Technology to find an article about Hexoskin.

The article ''Sensors Embedded in Clothing Measures Respiratory and Activity Metrics'' was published on November 6th, 2017 by Lexie Metzler. 

About Hexoskin
Founded in 2006 in Montreal (Canada), Hexoskin offers a non-invasive solution for longitudinal studies in cardiology, respiratory, sleep, CNS, activity, stress and mental illness. Hexoskin took a different approach to current monitoring solutions by developing a washable smart garment with cardiac, respiratory and activity sensors embedded in the textile. Hexoskin is the only clinically validated system that records continuously ECG with respiratory lung function and daily/sleep activities. The end-to-end connected platform is designed to minimize user setup time and collect remotely real-world evidence over long periods. The data is synchronized for advanced data management and analysis. Hexoskin is compatible with iOS, Android, Watch OS and Android Wear. The Hexoskin open platform also enables third-party IOT, AI, and sensors integration.