Better At-Home Rehabilitation with Connected Health

October 19, 2017
This year again, the Hexoskin team will attend the Connected Health Conference in Boston. The event is from October 25th to 27th at the Seaport World Trade Center, and brings together healthcare, life sciences and technologies organisations involved in deploying new connected technologies to deliver better care to patients.
On October 26th, Hexoskin's co-founder and CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier will talk about how technology is used to better support patients in completing their rehabilitation program. Hexoskin is working with hospitals and healthcare groups in many countries to design programs adapted to their respective patients population, to improve compliance, quality, and efficiency of prevention and rehabilitation programs.

Details of the presentation:
Presentation time: Thursday, October 26th, 3:00pm ET.
Title: Better At-Home Rehabilitation with Connected Health
Speaker: Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO & Co-Founder, Hexoskin
Join us in the heart of Boston's Innovation District. #connectedhealth #ch2017 #connect2health

About Hexoskin
Hexoskin’s mission is to record and organize personal health information and make it accessible and useful. It’s the only clinically validated system that records continuously cardio-respiratory functions and daily/sleep activities. The system has been designed to minimize user setup time and to maximize vital signs monitoring over long periods in a non-obstructive way with sensors embedded in a Smart Shirt. Data are synced to local and remote servers for health data management and analysis.