Hexoskin at the 24th SoCalBio Annual Conference in Long Beach: Enabling a Distributed Healthcare Regime

October 07, 2022

Hexoskin's co-founder and CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier has been invited to talk about the adoption drivers for distributed healthcare at the SoCalBio 24th annual conference in Long Beach October 6-7.

We now have the technology to deploy connected health solutions to improve healthcare access at home and close to home. What is slowing down adoption? We still need better financial incentives, provider education, a regulatory environment for connected health and home care adapted to this new care setting, and leadership from providers and payors, among other things.

The panel "Enabling a Distributed Healthcare Regime:" Precision Medicine in Homecare Through Remote, Medical Grade Monitoring with Wearables and Other Smart Devices will be moderated by William Dolphin, PhD.


  • William Dolphin, PhD, President, William Dolphin Consulting


  • Ruey-Kang Chang, MD, MPH, CEO, QT Medical, Inc.
  • Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, Co-founder & CEO, Hexoskin
  • Ronald J. Buschur, President & CEO, Advanced Medical Device Technologies Inc

Hexoskin has a long history of research collaborations in Southern California. Institutions such as the Naval Health Research Center, University of California in San Diego, California State University, and the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles have published many papers using the Hexoskin connected health platform to collect physiological data about participants.