Hexoskin at the International Space Convention 2022

September 07, 2022

Hexoskin's co-founder and CEO Pierre-Alexandre Fournier is going to talk at the International Space Convention 2022 on September 9th, hosted in Bursa, Turkey.

His presentation entitled "Medical Research in Microgravity: Challenges for Future Long-Term Space Missions and the Moon" will discuss current themes for medical research in space and challenges we need to address for future long-term missions to the Moon and beyond.

Hexoskin has been involved in space medicine since 2011, and the Astroskin wearable vital signs sensor system is used for clinical trials aboard the International Space Station since 2019.

In July 2022 Hexoskin has received the International Space Station Research Innovation Award for Human Health in Space from the American Astronautical Society. 


International Space Convention 2022 - Astroskin and space medicine


About Astroskin

Astroskin is the most advanced ambulatory vital signs monitoring platform for medical research in the world. Developed to qualify for space research, it can now benefit the most innovative research in Space and on Earth.

Astroskin offers state-of-the-art continuous real-time monitoring for 48 hours of blood pressure, pulse oximetry, 3-lead ECG, respiration, skin temperature, and activity.

The Astroskin garments are now available in a wide range of sizes for men & women. A large number of research organizations already use the Astroskin vital signs monitoring platform to collect data to answer their research questions.