New upcoming LIVE Webinar: Expanding AI Capabilities in Digital Health with Hexoskin

February 07, 2023

Hexoskin Webinar - Replay Edition - Expanding AI Capabilities in Digital Health with Hexoskin

We just added online our webinar on Expanding AI Capabilities in Digital Health with Hexoskin.

The implementation of digital health technologies has been recently accelerated with the global pandemic and transition to remote work.

As a result, more researchers, clinicians, and industry leaders are utilizing platforms like Hexoskin to continuously collect remote health data and develop machine learning models.

The Hexoskin body sensors are a unique ambulatory heart monitor with breath sensors for health monitoring, making Hexoskin an interesting healthcare wearable.

Listen to our guest speakers to learn more about how the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is leading the AI revolution in digital health technologies to improve health across patient populations, organizations, and industries.

You can watch the webinar on our Hexoskin YouTube Channel.

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