Reducing the Burdens in Healthcare Workers With Hexoskin

February 07, 2023

Hexoskin Webinar Registration Link: Reducing the Burden of Stress in Healthcare Workers With Hexoskin

You can now watch our Webinar Reducing the Burdens of Stress in Healthcare Workers With Hexoskin.

Healthcare workers hold highly demanding positions with many responsibilities and duties that increase their daily stress levels and impact their mental and physical well-being. Although the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many of these challenges to light for society, clinician-led research groups have been exploring proactive ways to improve working conditions for themselves and their colleagues.

In this webinar, we heard from our panelists about some of the stressors and challenges they have experienced in their work, how health monitoring platforms like Hexoskin have helped them explore possible solutions to reduce the burden of stress, and what their vision of a healthier and safer healthcare space looks like for healthcare workers in the future.

You can watch the webinar on our Hexoskin YouTube Channel

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