Now 100+ Publications with Hexoskin!

Hexoskin Health Sensors - Now 100 Publications and Validations - 2020Today Hexoskin has reached an important milestone. The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform has been used in over 100 scientific & peer-reviewed publications thanks to our community of researchers and scientists dedicated to promoting safe and effective remote monitoring technologies!

But who’s counting? Actually... we do! Our Hexoskin Smart Clothing solutions benefit from the most validation and publications in the industry, accounting for more than all the smart clothing competition combined.

A Connected Health Platform Fit for Various Research Fields

The publications and validations studies cover a wide range of fields of study from scientific validations of the Hexoskin Cardiac, Pulmonary, and Activity smart clothing sensors; to various subjects and health applications.

Hexoskin Connected Health Platform - Fields of Research and Clinical Validation

It’s been such a wonderful experience to reach this milestone and we are thankful for the trust placed in our Hexoskin Connected Health Solutions. We can’t wait to continue this journey to improve evidence-based practice for patients and professionals by bringing science to new levels! 

November 08, 2019

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Allianz Partners: "Hexoskin – a smart t-shirt capable of monitoring lung diseases".

Allianz Parters just published an article "Hexoskin – a smart t-shirt capable of monitoring lung diseases.

Back in 2013, Hexoskin launched a unique solution that revolutionized how we monitor cardiac, respiratory, activity, and sleep data with sensors embedded in a comfortable and machine washable smart garment. Today, the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is an end-to-end solution that offers leading-edge sensors, software, and data science tools. It is used by researchers, public and private organizations, athletes, and users who value precise, accessible, and useful health data.

Thousands of professionals & researchers around the world are using the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform for Health research, Clinical development, First Response & DefenseAeronautics & Space projects, Sports & Performance applications. Our user base is growing at a fast pace and uses Hexoskin in several Therapeutic Areas such as Cardiology, Respiratory, Neurology, Mental Disorders, and Pediatrics to name a few. 

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The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform offers Body-Worn Sensors, Software Solutions, and Data Analytics to support projects of any sizes in order to change how patients receive care.