Allianz Partners: "Hexoskin – a smart t-shirt capable of monitoring lung diseases".

November 08, 2019

Allianz Parters just published an article "Hexoskin – a smart t-shirt capable of monitoring lung diseases.

Back in 2013, Hexoskin launched a unique solution that revolutionized how we monitor cardiac, respiratory, activity, and sleep data with sensors embedded in a comfortable and machine washable smart garment. Today, the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform is an end-to-end solution that offers leading-edge sensors, software, and data science tools. It is used by researchers, public and private organizations, athletes, and users who value precise, accessible, and useful health data.

Thousands of professionals & researchers around the world are using the Hexoskin Connected Health Platform for Health research, Clinical development, First Response & DefenseAeronautics & Space projects, Sports & Performance applications. Our user base is growing at a fast pace and uses Hexoskin in several Therapeutic Areas such as Cardiology, Respiratory, Neurology, Mental Disorders, and Pediatrics to name a few. 

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The Hexoskin Connected Health Platform offers Body-Worn Sensors, Software Solutions, and Data Analytics to support projects of any sizes in order to change how patients receive care.