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January 06, 2016

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Cypress's Bluetooth Module Sews Up Wearables Win with Hexoskin Smart Shirt


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- INTERNATIONAL CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW -- Hexoskin, the Canadian-based world leader in smart clothing design and intelligent software for health and performance, has selected the Bluetooth® Smart-based  EZ-BLE™ PRoC™ module from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (NASDAQ: CY) for use in its Hexoskin Smart biometric-tracking shirts.

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January 05, 2016

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Hexoskin Unveils First Smart Shirt Compatible with Strava and Runkeeper at CES


Montreal, Canada (January 5, 2016) - Hexoskin, the world leader in smart clothing design and intelligent software for health and performance, today announced the release of the new Hexoskin Smart clothing system at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). 

Available for pre-order now on the company’s Indiegogo page, Hexoskin Smart utilizes Bluetooth Smart technology, making Hexoskin Smart the first shirt compatible with Strava and other popular health and fitness tracking apps used by more than 200M worldwide. 

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Smart Clothing Leader Hexoskin Closes over $1.3M, Accelerates Commercialization of Sports and Medical Research Health Monitoring Platform

Montreal, Canada (December 15, 2015) – In a second round of financing, angel investors from Anges Québec and Anges Québec Capital fund have invested $1,320,000 in Hexoskin, a world leader in digital health technology. With previous investments of $730,000 of seed capital in 2012 and $255,000 in 2013, along with an additional $933,000 in a first round of financing from Anges Québec in 2014, Hexoskin now has raised over $3,200,000 dollars in private funding. This recent investment will allow the Quebec startup, which designs and manufactures smart shirts for health tracking distributed on five continents, to pursue its exponential growth overseas.





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Is your shirt smarter than you?

CNET - July 7th, 2015

The tight black tank top beamed a signal to my smartphone, chronicling every data point about my breathing, heart rate and movement.

All while I slept.

By the time the sun came up, my phone had produced colorful charts showing every time my heartbeat quickened (interrupted sleep from 5:44 to 5:45 a.m.), the calories I burned tossing and turning (220) and the precise moment my breathing was most relaxed (4:28 a.m.).

These days, biometric sensors can be added to the fabric of just about everything we wear -- from shirts to shorts, hats to shoes, and everything in between. The smart shirt I slept in doesn't come cheap: The Hexoskin shirt and 2-inch-long power and recording module cost $400. For a lot of us, that makes the Hexoskin and products like it interesting novelties. But for other people, including professional athletes, the information may be worth the price.

"You buy this shirt because it gives you data about yourself that you can't get anywhere else," says Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO and co-founder of Montreal-based Hexoskin.

Welcome to the world of sensor-enhanced clothing, which promises to put a whole new spin on dressing smart.

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SportsTechnie: Hexoskin Smart Shirts Available At Best Buy For Canada Day

"Best Buy is ready for Canada Day with the availability of the Hexoskin smart shirt for purchase. The recent Hexoskin Apple Watch update allows for recorded real-time body metrics compiled by the smart garment sensors to wirelessly transmit feedback to the smartwatch complete with scientific grade data delivered to your wrist screen. Signing up elite athlete superusers and telling their ultimate fitness tracker stories is a new Hexoskin marketing campaign. The Sports Techie blog community readers and followers might be familiar with Hexoskin from our previous blogs you can link to here, Hexoskin. This pioneering Canadian sports technology company’s invented products designed to provide health insight as to how you can live longer, healthier and happier lives. Now go make it so on Canada Day."


Translogic 165: 2015 Lexus RC F Biometrics Test

A traditional vehicle review goes like this: Reviewer drives car, reviewer gathers thoughts, reviewer relays vehicle impressions to audience. But what if instead of explaining what it's like to drive a given car, the reviewer could simply show the audience their response to the vehicle? With advancements in wearable biometrics technology, it's now possible to replace car review adjectives with cold, hard data.

Translogic host Jonathon Buckley heads to Palm Beach Raceway in Florida to gauge his physiological reaction to driving the all-new Lexus RC F, with a little help from biometrics experts at Emotiv and Hexoskin. From his brain to his body, Jonathon's vitals are measured as he takes to the track in the latest sports coupe from Lexus.

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New Hexoskin smart shirt uses sewn-in sensors to get heart rate, respiration - VentureBeat

"The sensors that have begun showing up on our wrists will eventually spread to clothing and accessories all over our bodies. We’re already seeing them in shoes, hats, and upper body garments. No doubt slacks and underwear are coming next.

One of the first movers in this space is Hexoskin, which already has a whole line of clothing for athletes and others who are exposed to the elements."

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Porsche Campaign Shows Wearable Tech Fusing with Digital Art -

"In August, an event was held at the Chicago Autobahn Country Club, produced by Porsche and The Atlantic’s creative marketing group Atlantic Re:think. Titled ‘The Art of the Thrill‘, it was powered by the TRAQS Enterprise Platform and digital design studio Sosolimited.

The event measured the thrill and excitement drivers experience while driving the new Porsche Macan on the race track, with biometric data provided by the Hexoskin shirt. The event and a recently published article by The Atlantic show wearable tech meeting digital art. Twenty five drivers were selected to participate, each fitted with the latest in high tech wearable sensors."

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Art and technology meet to capture the experience behind the wheel. - The Atlantic

We outfitted a group of 25 innovators in design, sports, and technology with Hexoskin—a futuristic shirt that tracks heart beats, breathing rates and body movement. Then we buckled them each into the Porsche Macan and sent them speeding around a serpentine race track.

Alternately giggly, amped and anxious, the riders sent millions of data points through their shirts into a visual dashboard powered by TRAQS’s system. “You can see someone coming around a corner and their heart rate spikes or they start to breathe heavily,” said Wade Aaron, a designer at Sosolimited. “When you trace their data over the track, you end up with this really unique fingerprint of their experience on the racetrack.”

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October 10, 2014

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Hexoskin's On A Mission To Change Personal Health Management - Forbes

It isn’t so much the technology but the health data itself that drives Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO and co-founder of Hexoskin, a biometric clothing company. “If we wanted a data source in people’s real life,” he said, “then we had to figure out another way to produce this data.”

Fournier said, “We spend such a huge chunk our economy to cure people. If you want to keep them healthy you have to do preventive health. If want to do that, we have to educate and put sensors on a large group of people. The best way to do that is to have biometric clothing.”

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