Porsche - Hexoskin - Atlantic Re:think

August 19, 2014
Hexoskin was in Chicago yesterday at the famous Autobahn Country Club for a great experience involving Porsche, Hexoskin and  Atlantic Re:think, The Atlantic's creative marketing group.

Porsche was introducing the Macan to 25 carefully selected drivers while TRAQS and Hexoskin teamed up to record and display each driver's metrics: heart rate, breathing rate and speed. The event was a huge success and the drivers were stunned to discover their biometrics at different locations of the race track displayed on a giant screen! 

[Edit] Check out the artistic video that was made of the event

Thanks to Eric Blue and his team at TRAQS, Porsche for designing beautiful cars, and Atlantic  Re:think for a great show.
All photographs courtesy of Tom Musch

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