Researchers, Get the Most out of Hexoskin Data

Wondering how you can turn Hexoskin data into ready-to-publish graphs? 

You're in luck, Hexoskin is announcing its compatibility with VivoSense, the most comprehensive physiological data analysis software available for health research and clinical studies. It allows researchers and scientists to import and export data, execute batch processing, and produce meaningful and ready-to-publish graphs of study results.

VivoSense's 400+ customers include organizations like the Mayo Clinic, the Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT, and US Army and Air Force research labs. VivoSense is a validated platform and is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant and specifically designed for use in clinical trials and research studies. 

VivoSense core software and modules are available from Hexoskin today.

Check out How to Manage and Publish Hexoskin Data

Sports Illustrated spotlights Hexoskin's biometric shirt

Tom Taylor gives his thoughts on Hexoskin's smart shirt and what makes it so valuable for coaches and their athletes.

"These shirts are designed to give athletes the same sort of data they could get from a performance lab—for example, heart rate recovery and lung capacity—but in more natural environments and without needing to be hooked up to a machine."

"Since the shirts went on sale in 2013, use by professional athletes has been growing. Several members of the Canadian Olympic team in Sochi last year used Hexoskin shirts, including sisters Justine and Chloé Dufour-Lapointe, who won gold and silver, respectively, in the dual moguls competition. The Brooklyn Nets strength and conditioning coach Dr. Jeremy Bettle also uses the shirts to track his players’ physiology both on and off the court. And Cirque du Soleil even uses Hexoskin to monitor its performers during training."

"According to Fournier, one future use of Hexoskin shirts could be screening for possible concussions in sports. Though the shirts would not provide sufficient data to diagnose a concussion, they could be used to pick up some of the early symptoms, including breathing and heart rate irregularities, allowing team doctors to work out which players might need closer medical attention."

Read the paper here: Hexoskin's biometric shirt offers wearable performance tracking

Hexoskin officially launches in Australia and New Zealand

Hexoskin continues its worldwide expansion with the launch of Hexoskin Oceania this January 2015. There is no better time to announce this as it is a special month in Australia; sports fans rejoice and welcome some of the worlds largest cycling, tennis, soccer and cricket stars taking part in major events all across the county.  

Along with former Olympic cyclist, Tour De France Green Jersey winner and official Australian Hexoskin ambassador, Baden Cooke, the Hexoskin Oceania team will be at the Tour Down Under, giving cycling enthusiasts the inside scoop on this ground breaking new product that is making ripples amongst the cycling elite.

"Launching Hexoskin in Australia allows us to offer localized knowledge and support, as well as quicker delivery and responses to our customers” said Lawrence Furlan, Hexoskin Oceania CEO. “For example, anybody who buys a Hexoskin this week will go into the running to win an all expenses paid ride with Baden Cooke in Melbourne."


Hexoskin Oceania aims to revolutionize sports science in Australia and already has conversations with several Australia Football League (AFL) clubs, as well as other major sporting codes in Australia, which will be announced later this year. For the latest updates on Hexoskin in Australia and New Zealand follow Hexoskin Oceania on Facebook and Twitter.

Hexoskin is now available to Australians online at, as well as, and in the following stores: Bike Now (Melbourne), Bike Zone (Melbourne), Total Rush (Melbourne), SwimBikeRun (Melbourne), Swift Carbon(Melbourne) and Trak Cycles (Adelaide). Hexoskin will also be available in select Harvey Norman stores next month.

Hexoskin is now distributed locally in the US, Canada, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, and available online for the rest of the world at For more information on Hexoskin's distribution, please contact our Sales department.

Source: Hexoskin Oceania

Visit now!

Read the Hexoskin Oceania launch press release

Introducing World's First Biometric Shirts for Kids & Teens

We're proud to announce today that we're releasing Hexoskin Junior, world's first biometric smart shirt tailor-made for kids and teens. These shirts include the same sensors as the adult shirts, giving in-depth insight regarding physical training, sleep and daily activities.

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Cirque du Soleil uses Hexoskin to monitor performer's fatigue

Bryan Burnstein, Head of Performance Science at Cirque du Soleil, describes which experiments his team has been carrying out these past weeks:

"Using a combination of Biometric data alongside objective and subjective data collected during live performance, our goal was to identify markers of central nervous system fatigue over time on Cirque du Soleil performers.  Furthermore, we are cross-referencing this with mental effectiveness data to better understand the connection between mental effectiveness and quality of performance.

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December 10, 2014

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Fudgy Brownies Recipe by Daphne Oz - @DaphneOz

This recipe is made of teff flour and almond flour making it a great indulgence for sweets, high in protein and gluten free! It’s a favorite at our house! I personally use ¼ cup coconut oil and ¼ cup water with a teaspoon of chia seeds soaked for a couple min. until gelatinous as an oil replacement and pumps up the omega 3’s!

Get the full recipe here!


Cold weather will never be a good excuse anymore


You asked for it

Over the past few months we've had lots of happy users ask us to add sleeves, a collar, and why not, make the shirt warmer.

(drum roll, please)

We're pleased to announce that we were able to do all 3, giving birth to World's first cold weather smart shirt: the Hexoskin Arctic! And, since we're never afraid of taking on life-threatening challenges, we've even thrown in a couple of thumb holes for your comfort.


So, what's new in this shirt?

Apart from the obvious sleeves and collar, we've used a new textile, once again from Italy, that offers comfort similar to Merino wool. The fabric itself is based on research on polar bears' fur and how they trap heat between their skin and their fur. The textile we use does the same, while allowing natural evaporation of perspiration: absorbing very little water, the fabric dries rapidly, while keeping the body temperature constant. This reduces energy consumption to a minimum and improves athletic performance. As said above we've also added thumb holes and a zipper to the pocket, and of course the shirt is still machine-washable and very resistant to pilling and abrasion. You'll love it!


Limited edition, order now!

We're only going to produce a few hundred pieces of this limited edition cold weather smart shirt, so don't waste any time, order yours today! We're including a complimentary Hexoskin running hat in the first 20 orders.

order the hexoskin arctic shirt now

Emotions, to Data, to Art

Art and technology meet to capture the experience behind the wheel.

Last August, The Atlantic's creative marketing group Atlantic Re:think organized a venue with Porsche and a few very special guests. The idea was to present the new Porsche Macan to these VIPs, record their emotions during the thrill drive and then turn that data into art. Hexoskin's smart shirt was used to collect biometric data from the guests, the folks from TRAQs did their magic with the data and Sosolimited, a digital design studio, turned all this into beautiful art. Teamwork!

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Hexoskin Wins "Most Innovative Consumer Health" Product Award at INTERFACE - Future of Health

This September's INTERFACE summit's theme was "The Future of Health", and Hexoskin was lucky enough to be invited to the event. It was a great opportunity for us to share ideas with our friends from Pebble and Ayogo on a panel about health and technology. The event lasted two days of intense discussions about how to improve public health, preventive health, personalized health, changing behaviours, big data for healthcare, sports medicine, genetic testing and more.

The hundreds of attendees liked our vision for the Future of Health, and Hexoskin won the "Most Innovative Consumer Health" product award!



Finally, we love when Vancouver greets us with great weather and probably one of the nicest landscapes in North America. This is the view we had from the Vancouver Conference Center. We'll be back for sure!


August 19, 2014

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Porsche - Hexoskin - Atlantic Re:think

Hexoskin was in Chicago yesterday at the famous Autobahn Country Club for a great experience involving Porsche, Hexoskin and Atlantic Re:think, The Atlantic's creative marketing group.

Porsche was introducing the Macan to 25 carefully selected drivers while TRAQS and Hexoskin teamed up to record and display each driver's metrics: heart rate, breathing rate and speed. The event was a huge success and the drivers were stunned to discover their biometrics at different locations of the race track displayed on a giant screen! 
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